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Curtus scratched the back of his head and yawned. Damn was he tired.
Valentine had worn him out and not a thing compared.

But then that familiar scent.

A grin touched his lips as the hunter walked slowly around the corner and began to follow her scent. It'd been a while and Curtus' encounter with the Vampire had almost discouraged him from going after her again.
Almost. But so what if he happened to cross her path!

So following slowly he could smell her, that scent filling his senses. It was nothing compared to Valentine, she was sweeter and far more enjoyable.
But it was the fact that he'd lost her. That alone was enough to push him forward.
Nevermind the fact that he was bored.
Pissed off.

Hell Curtus was always pissed at something.

Clinging to the wall he heard some sounds and peaked around the corner, his eyes wide in shock.
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OOC... sorta

Is it just me... or are there no lycans??

I'm super confused. And super lonely.

I NEED LYCANS! lol and I'm gonna start to advertise and try and 'turn' some of my friends onto us.

Sound ok?
I knew it would. ><'
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Delvin watched the wounded Lycan. He'd been bitching about the attack. The break in into their home.

Fool. A low growl left his lips as Curtus looked around the room. There were many other Lycan's all waiting for Delvin's final say and listening intently.

"I'm sorry Delvin. The girl was here but that Vampire followed her. I can try again but I have a feeling he won't be leaving her anytime soon. Maybe if we get her while she's sleeping it'll be easier, knock her out and take..."

All the while Curtus loaded a gun silently, checking the barrell as if unconcerned about Dave's ongoing story. When he'd heard enough he turned and pointed the gun at Dave's face.

A single shot, right into the nose blowing off half his face, but what truely scared the other lycans in the room was the liquid silver seeping from the mess of a wound onto the ground.

"I don't like failure." His voice was a low growl.
"In fact I hate it. So let me say this once." He loaded the gun again with a bullet made of strong plastic. It was filled with silver as he slipped it in.

"When I want something done. I want it done right."
He fired again into the body on the ground, Dave's frame jolting from pain. Still alive the wound in his face was oozing as Dave convulsed.

"Not sloppy or you become very intimate with our resident jeweler. Get that girl. Ger her soon and bring her to me. Alive."

The other Lycans growled and left the room, sneering and scowling at the rash move on their leaders part.
But his men were growing in numbers, and in strength.

Only a matter of time.

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